A commemorative plaque for Chiara

1For some time, the church of Santa Maria Maggiore in Trent, Italy, has been wanting to install a commemorative plaque to show visitors from around the world that Chiara Lubich was baptized there. The request from the parish priest was received favourably by Focolare’s president, Maria Voce, and so a commemorative plaque (stele) was created near the baptismal font.

It is a simple, meaningful sign that, along with a photo of the young Chiara Lubich, there is also one of her inspirational sayings that sums up the charism she received:

“One thing is clear in our hearts: God wants unity from us.

We live to be one with God, with each other and with everyone.

This splendid calling connects us to heaven

and immerses us in a universal brotherhood.”

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