Pope Francis Turns Eighty-One

On Sunday, December 17th, Pope Francis will turn 81. He is in good health and working with great intensity. As everyone knows, he recently returned from a very demanding trip to Myanmar and Bangladesh and is preparing for his 22cnd trip to Chile and Peru in January.

Last year, on his 80th birthday, he confided: “For several days a word has been coming to my mind that can sound bad: old age. It frightens. At least it gives a little scare. But when you see it as a phase of life that is meant to give joy, wisdom, hope – then you can start to live again.”

With great gratitude for the gift his life has been, all focused on loving God and people, with a special preference for the most weak and marginalized, we wish him our most heartfelt happy birthday wishes. We assure him of our daily prayers as we ask the Holy Spirit to give hims strength and light to carry foward his task with peace for the joy of all.


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