Mary: Universe of the Son of God

Christmas_2017_02It was in the plans of Providence that the Word become flesh,
that a word, the Word, be written on earth in flesh and blood;
and this Word needed a background.

Out of love for us, the heavenly harmonies longed
to transfer their peerless concert within our tents;
and so they needed a silence.

The Protagonist of all humanity, who gave meaning to centuries past,
and enlightened and drew after him the centuries to come,
had to appear on this world’s stage, but he needed a white background
to make him alone stand out.

The greatest design that Love-God could invent,
had to be drawn, majestic and divine and all the colours of virtue
had to be found gathered in a heart
ready to serve him.

This wondrous shade that contains the sun,
losing and finding itself therein;
this white background
almost an immense abyss
that contains the Word which is Christ
immersing itself in him, light in the Light;
this lofty silence that is silent no more,
for within it sing the Word’s divine harmonies
and in him becomes the note of notes,
almost setting the tone for heaven’s endless song;
this majestic scene, as fair as nature,
summarising the beauty lavished by the Creator throughout the universe,
this little universe for the Son of God,
which is seen no more because it yields its interests and its parts
to the One who was to come, and has come,
for what he had to do, and did;
this rainbow of virtue that says “peace” to the whole world because Peace it has given the world; this creature, first thought of in the mysterious depths of the Trinity,
and given to us,
was Mary.

Cf Chiara Lubich Mary, The Transparency of God, New City London 2003 p11-13


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