Is Unity in Politics Possible?

This quote is so relevant today even though that many of us may feel disconnected with the political process. Elections in the US and across Europe, Brexit and polarisation within the political landscape seem to divide our families and communities. The rise of the far right and the far left mean that we often forget how to communicate. We have lost the ability to talk and listen to each other. It seems as though we are unable to find a ‘common ground’.

The Movement for Politics, proposed by the Focolare, seeks to promote the goal of unity. This networks brings together people who are active or interested in public life. It involves active members of various political parties with the aim of enhancing dialogue and understanding. The Movement for Politics creates a platform where unity in politics is possible and positive social change is advanced. It is present in many countries and now more than ever is the moment to take initial steps here in Britain.

As a direct response to a growing need to set up this project, we have arranged a meeting to explore together how we can demonstrate that dialogue, even in the most difficult situations, can enhance not diminish our relationships.

The meeting will be taking place on Saturday, 20 January 2018 at the Focolare Centre in Welwyn Garden City, time: 16:00 – 18:00.

Our gathering will enable us to bring together people who believe that unity in politics is possible.

Anyone interested is asked to get in touch with Michal Siewniak.

Email Michal or call: 07825 021746.

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