City of fellowship and solidarity

Città per la fraternitàA national conference will be held on February 10 in the city of Loreto, Italy. The title of the conference will be “The City: is it a place for fellowship and solidarity?” The event is organized by the Città per la Fraternità organization which was started in 2008 and inspired by the thought of Chiara Lubich and by the life of the Focolare Movement. It currently brings together some 140 large and small municipal administrations, in spreading the spirit of unity in the local authorities. Every year the Association presents the Chiara Lubich International Fellowship Award, which is assigned to one or more municipalities. The Award is given for a project that succeeds at applying one or more aspects of the principle of brotherhood in the public sphere, and is able to show the participation of citizens in building a culture of active and inclusive citizenship.

The conference will include the participation of civil and religious leaders. In the afternoon, Elena Granata, an urban scholar at the Politech University of Milan and Marco Luppi, history scholar at Sophia University Institute (SUI) will give presentations that deal with the topic of living fellowship and solidarity and to do so in a city environment

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