Living the Gospel: The Fountain of Life

20180201-01An Immediate Response
We bought firewood and kerosene for the winter, in early summer. But it was already autmn and we didn’t have the money for the heating. One day, talking among ourselves in the family, we said: “The Eternal Father knows our needs and the important thing is trust in Him.” We hadn’t even finished saying it, when our friend arrived with an envelope full of money from a collection that had been taken. It had never happened to us before, to receive such a quick answer from God who cares for his children!
I.S. – Serbia

From the Dentist
There was a boy in our community with very bad teeth, but being from a poor family he couldn’t afford to get them fixed. One day, we took him to a dentist, but when we got to the dentist’s office, we realized that all the patients were wealthy people. Trustin in Providence, we went in anyway. After the visit, the doctor asked us if we could afford such a costly procedure. We explained that we and our friends had held held a sale to help cover the expenses. The doctor became curious and wanted to know more. “You can pay me what you have,” she concluded. As we were leaving, she called us back and said: “You know, I’m going through a lot of problems and I thought I could do it for free, if you pray for me.” That’s what we did. Some time later the doctor told us that our presence brought a note of peace and joy to her work.
G.B. – Pilippines

Meetings in Jail
Aware that there were many lonely people who needed someone to accompany them, we decided to go and visit the patients in a hospital, prisoners and teenagers in an orphanage. We brought toys and clothes for the orphans. Then we said: Why not use the means of communication to reach out to the most people possible? We obtained a half hour of radio time from a local radio. Many listeners were listening to our programm. When we went back to the jail, they welcomed us saying that, after listening to our radio program, they were waiting for us to come. Usually kids like us aren’t allowed into the jail, but they made an exception for us. With songs and dances, we shared our expeirences of living the Gospel, with men and women detainees, a dozen or so guards. They invited us to come back again. The local newspaper covered the news of this encounter in the jail.
A group of friends – Uganda

When I learned that Monique had ALS disease, even though we hadn’t seen one another for two years, I went back to get in touch with her and see if there was anything I could do. We had been greatly in love, but for various reasons had drifted apart. Monique’s simple faith clashed with my agnosticism. Being at her side as she accepted the new situation with peace and serenity, I went through a complete change of mentality. A Christian would call it conversion. By the time her illness reached the terminal stage, I found myself completely changed. I’m not saying that I found the fith, but the respect for Monique had created a new space in my.
J. M. – France

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