Lord, give me all who are lonely


Lord, give me all who are lonely …
I have felt in my heart the passion that fills your heart
for all the forsakenness in which the whole world is drifting.

I love every being that is sick and alone.
Even the suffering of plants causes me pain …
even the animals that are alone.

Who consoles their weeping?
Who mourns their slow death?
Who presses to their own heart, the heart in despair?

My God, let me be in this world the tangible sacrament
of your Love, of your being Love;
let me be your arms that press to themselves
and consume in love all the loneliness of the world.


Chiara Lubich – Essential Writings” New City Press, New York, 2007 p. 81


  • Siendo una gen 3, cantaba ésta canción y sentía que mi corazón se expandía pidiendo ‘ dame a quien están solos’
    Hoy, escuchando a Emaus en el atractivo de éste presente que vivimos juntos, comprendo desde ‘nuestra síntesis’ que el Omnipotente participa de nuestra historia personal, familiar y comunitaria protagonizando su designio en la Iglesia Humanidad.
    Expansión de conciencia garantizada con el Dios vivo entre nosotros y ser don que convierte en amor toda la soledad del mundo.

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