Wars are never good.

“Horrible news of bombardments continues to arrive from Syria, with dozens of victims including women and children. News of many wounded by the effects of chemical substances contained in bombs. Let us pray for the deceased, the wounded and the families that are experiencing pain and suffering. There’s no such thing as a good war and a bad war and nothing, nothing can justify the use of such tools of extermination against individuals and whole populations. Let us pray that responsible politicians and military leaders choose the other path, that of negotiation, the only way that can lead to a peace that isn’t the result of death and destruction.”

These words were spoken by Pope Francis on Sunday, April 8, 2018.
We join in his appeal, praying that negotiated solutions will be found to the terrible conflict that is bloodying Syria in recent days and many other places that receive little coverage in the news, which continue to produce victims in many places in the world. And we continue to work at all level promoting peace through dialogue.

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