Syria is a martyred nation due to its civil war and constant tensions. Many people have lost their job and forced to spend all their savings in order to survive and pay for medical assistance. Doctors, teachers and other trained personnel have emigrated abroad. Those who have remained have most likely lost their homes and forced into already overcrowded neighbourhoods. The areas that are more in urgent need of help in view of future reconstruction are those dealing with financial support services, education and health care.

Program activities:
1. Education and Training support in Homs and Damascus: After-school programs, tutoring, morning tea and supply of teaching materials for 220 students;
2. EHIS School for the Deaf in Aleppo: Lessons in the classroom and extra-curricular activities for 75 children;
3. Professional course in Aleppo: Traditional Syrian crafts;
4. Social and health care in Homs and Kafarbo: Access to medical care for cancer patients (chemotherapy and other treatments), financial assistance for surgical procedures, support for patients suffering from kidney failure, financial support for other medical services (radiology, blood tests etc) and counselling;
5. Family income support in Kafarbo, Homs, Aleppo and Damascus: Monthly financial subsidies for food, rent, home repairs, medical assistance.

The carrying out of the activities guarantees employment for about 70 people, including teachers, social workers, trainers and assistants and involves about 50 volunteers.

Kafarbo – Homs – Aleppo – Damascus

200 families for income support
114 men and women for medical assistance
295 young people for assistance with education and training

Costs of the program

Total cost: € 293.138,33

Total contributions required by AMU: € 241.586,20


To support the program, please send donations to:

Azione per un Mondo Unito ONLUS (AMU)
Bank: Banca Popolare Etica
IBAN: IT58 S050 1803 2000 0001 1204 344

Azione per Famiglie Nuove ONLUS (AFN)

Bank: Banca Prossima
IBAN:IT55 K033 5901 6001 0000 0001 060

Description: Emergenza Syria Program

Donations made out to Emergency Syria on either bank account will be administered jointly by AMU & AFN


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