Put love into action

How did this adventure of unity begin?
My dear friends, it began when not I, but Someone else, wanted it to begin.
You may know that certain gifts are given to the world from time to time: they are called charisms. They come from the One who guides history, who leads it toward a very precise goal: the common good, by channeling towards the goal even the sad things that we men and women bring about in the world.

It is God, God who is Love, in whom many of us firmly believe.
One day, many years ago, one of these charisms came here too. Through it, we, who were young people at the time, understood that there was a wonderful design, a task, almost a mission entrusted to us: to work during our lives so that all may be one by putting love into action, in our own hearts and in that of others.

Was it imagination? Utopia?
No, certainly not, since Jesus prayed to his Father in heaven using these very words: “May they all be one”.
Could God, the Father, not listen to the voice of God, the Son, with whom he is one God?

We set out confidently toward this goal and now there are millions and millions of us – children, young people and adults – from almost every nation in the world. It is not possible to count how many we are.

Of course, some of these people do not share our same faith, they might have another, or perhaps no religious faith at all. Nevertheless, they act with kindness and good will, sentiments which must be present in every human heart. So we journey together, with them too, towards the goal of a universal family, towards the building up of a united world.
And, if God is with us, who can be against us?

Now it is up to you to carry the banner of our ideal. On one side is written unity, loving one another to the point of being ready to die for one another. On the other side, the means to reach this goal: effort, hard work, being ready even to suffer so that the world may become one family.
You are young. You don’t lack courage. If we were able to do it, why not you?

Chiara Lubich


(From the archives of the Chiara Lubich Centre)

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