Living the Gospel. “Strength manifested in weakness”

Head of Department
The director of our sector had for some time seemed like an engine running at full speed. Everybody tried to avoid him. One day, talking with my grandmother, she told me about my grandfather who had gone through a period of physical exhaustion during which he seemed like an unfettered horse. His recovery was facilitated by the calm atmosphere in the family. The next day I gathered my colleagues and proposed to them that we help the boss, trying to listen to him with calm and anticipating his needs. Not everyone agreed, but the majority understood. A few days later the boss confided to us the tragedy that his family was going through. He also thanked us saying: “Because of your help I never lost hope.”
C. M. – Spain

Change of Course
I was 61 years old when I met some young people who were trying to live the Gospel. I was amazed by their harmony and serenity. I had been a sailor and knew well how difficult it can be to live together. This convinced me to want to learn more, so I purchased a copy of the Gospel. Reading it for the first time, I realized I had to change course: It wasn’t enough to be honest in order to feel that all was well with me. I had to love others, excluding no one. This involved a radical change in my way of thinking and acting, beginning with my family. Whereas with people I didn’t know I was all smiles and willing to engage in conversation, whereas at home with them, I spoke little, only when necessary and with an authoritarian tone.
G. – Italy

I experienced bullying for myself. When I was a teenager, several students from my school decided to beat up the first red-head who would head towards the toilets. And I happened to be the one. Now I’m a teacher. One day, before class, a student came looking for me in the teacher room. He told me that he had been charged with setting a trap for his best friend, and if he didn’t do it he would receive equal treatment. He was shaking and afraid. During the lesson, I told them what happened to me. I asked my students to tell me what they thought of what I had said and my words were followed by words and long silences. A few days later I learned that the trap was no longer planned on.
H. N. – Hungary

Dad’s Return
The news that Dad had returned to Itay with his new wife for a period of vacation had overturned the life of me and my sister. After the separation of our parents years of difficulty followed. From the return to our country with our mother until her death from an incurable disease. The relationship between us sisters was peaceful, but the news of Dad’s arrival brought forth a lot of forgotten feelings and pain. “I don’t want to see him!” was the first impulse. Then a thought: God, our only value, reminded us to love our enemies. The meeting with Dad went well and we tried to love him. A bridge has been built between us.
E. R. – Italy

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