Silo collapse in Limete (DR Congo)

The Focolare Movement is closely monitoring the situation in the town of Limete, north of Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. This afternoon there was the sudden collapse of silos containing tons of wheat which destroyed large sections of the Moyi Mwa Ntongo hospital, built in 2006 by the Focolare Movement. The death toll is uncertain, though at least two people have been confirmed dead, including a woman who was working in the laundry, and some have been injured or are missing. The assessment of damage to facilities and equipment is also unknown.
In a communication issued by the local headline “”, the hospital’s health department reports that “seriously ill and severely injured patients were urgently transferred to the nearest hospitals” and that the priority at this time is to rescue those people “who are still under the rubble” and to give support to those who have been affected. Significant damage has been caused to facilities, such as the destruction of the radiology department, the centre for diagnostics and other sectors.
The maternity department and pediatrics, as well as an operating theatre were inaugurated two years ago. The collapse of the silos owned by the FAD Congo company caused damage to surrounding buildings including a factory, where there have been other casualties. Several authorities, including the mayor of the municipality of Limete, have arrived on the scene.
The Focolare Movement expresses its solidarity with the victims in their suffering and assures its spiritual closeness to all families involved.


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