The Value of Philosophy

Every year, since 2002, a World Day has been dedicated to philosophy. By proclaiming the Day, UNESCO has underscored the value of philosophy for the development of  human thought. Ex-General Director Irina Bokova, went on to say: “Philosophical reflection is a calling back to humility, to reflection and reasonable dialogue, to build solutions together to the challenges that are beyond our control. […] The more the difficulties are large, the more philosophy is useful for giving sense to the questions of peace and sustainable development.” On this Day, all UNESCO partners – national governments, public organisations and institutions, NGOs, universities, schools, along with citizens and associations – are called to a free, collective, reasonable and informed reflection on the challenges of our times.

“Philosophy’s genuine value,” said Moufida Goucha, ex-director of the ‘Human Safety, Democracy and Philosophy,’ Section, “is to establish a dialogue that should never interrupt over the essential,” along with the task of restoring, “a large portion of human dignity, whatever our conditions.”

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