City of Fraternity 2019

An award for the body of people that perseveres in promoting initiatives that create fraternity in their area and translates this universal value into civic and political commitment.

Nominations for the annual “Chiara Lubich International Award for fraternity” should be made by Jan 15 2019. This award is open to local authorities (provincial, regional or rural communities) from any part of the world, be they large or small organisations.  Awards are made to projects that initiate or spread activities promoting universal fraternity usually at the local level.  However, projects may also be on a national or international scale. They should reflect an understanding of the meaning of universal fraternity and encourage citizens to show commitment in working for the common good and to play an active role in the community.  The projects should facilitate the growth of a culture of active and inclusive citizenship.  They should also favour collaboration and synergy among areas of administration, local communities and civil society such as associations, groups and committees and they should make an impact upon these areas.  The projects should be typical of a sustained way of working in that area favouring fraternity and should not be “one-off” actions.

Presentations of the projects can take the form of text or text with links to audio-visual material.  Nominations and supporting material should be sent to Presidenza dell’Associazione “Città per la Fraternità”, c/o Comune di Castel Gandolfo, Piazza Libertà, 7 – 00040 Castel Gandolfo – Rome (Italy).  Alternatively, if electronic transfer is possible, they can be sent to associazionecittafraernita(at) o info(at)

The nominations should include the following details: the name of the authority or organisation, the leader’s personal details, the full address and contact details, the name of the project or initiative and an abstract (maximum three sides of A4) that describes the project and how it functions.

The award giving will take place in S. Maria Capua Vetere- Caserta (Italy) in February 2019.

For further information: Associazione “Città per la Fraternità”, telephone +39 340 4182127 – +39 347 4573988; e-mail:

associazionecittafraternita(at) – info(at)

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