Jesus is left out!

This year too as Christmas approaches there is a lot of buzz among the children of the Focolare Movement who are serious in sharing to others the invitation to welcome Jesus in those who are suffering


Pope Francis, during the Christmas of 2017, invited us to see to it that: «Our heart is not closed like the houses of Bethlehem were»1. Taking this invitation of the Pope seriously, with the support of their assistants, the involvement of their parents, teachers, classmates, their activity called «Jesus is left out!» (Hanno sloggiato Gesù) (HSG) is directing itself towards supporting projects of hospitality to help those who are marginalized or who suffer due to wars, injustices, those who are homeless or are forced to leave their homeland.

In this unique «framework» of hospitality, they have set-up small workshops to make little statues of Baby Jesus to offer in the streets, the town or city squares, in the most varied places so as to share with everyone that the real meaning of Christmas is Jesus who is born for everyone, today like yesterday, and that He is waiting for us to welcome Him in all those who are in need.

The action of “HSG” conducted by the littlest ones, brings with it the profound values of Christmas: giving oneself, gratitude, unconditional love, generosity. This indirectly also reinforces these values in adults and in families. The production of the little statues promotes manual, creative and immaginative skills, collaboration, planning and self-expression. It develops in the children a sense of active citizenship, solidarity, fraternity, also through the fund-raising activities that provide concrete answers to the needs of children in different parts of the world.

It stimulates the desire to give. Many people in fact, spontaneously leave a donation to support these initiatives. Experiences have been shared by adults who have received the message from the little ones on how, with love, they would like to find a home for Jesus at least this Christmas. «It is really life-changing to enter a supermarket and be welcomed by these children who smilingly offer you Baby Jesus», exclaimed a gentleman from Florence. «We think we can find everything in a supermarket but I never imagined that I would go home bringing Jesus with me!».


prepared by Rosi Bertolasso

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