Living the Gospel: ‘Search for and pursue peace’

The Word of Life this month is an invitation to be hospitable and generous to everyone.

How to listen
For me, communication is vital, but because of an illness I have difficulty speaking.
I can’t do much but I can welcome and listen to people who come and visit me. Sometimes they tell me about all the problems they have, but when they leave, they seem relieved. That’s why I thank God for my illness.
(Marisa, Italy)

The pullover
My husband was getting ready to leave for a congress and needed a pair of shoes and a pullover. We managed to buy the shoes but there wasn’t time to buy the pullover because we felt it was more important to go a meeting with a group of families that share experiences of living the Gospel. It so happened that one of the women in the group had brought two pullovers for anyone who might need them. My husband tried them on and we were surprised and touched to see how well they suited him.
(D.M., Serbia).

My husband and I were looking for accommodation for my brother who was getting married, but prices and other circumstances made it difficult to find the right place. Time passed and I was starting to get anxious. How were we ever going to help him? One day, our youngest child suggested something we hadn’t even thought of: ask God for what we needed. And that’s what we did. A few hours later, my brother called us to say he was thrilled to have found just the right apartment.
(M.N., Lebanon)

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