Living the Gospel: experiencing true peace

Do something yourself to heal broken relationships in your city

The beating
Since the battle against drug trafficking started in Mexico, there have been many victims, not always because of criminal violence. Some time ago, I was on my way home from school when a young guy asked me for a cigarette. Just then, some policemen arrived and they searched us. Then they started beating the other guy and insulting him, leaving him injured and bleeding in the middle of the road. I had witnessed this without being able to do anything, but then I helped him get up and gave him the few coins I had in my pocket. He thanked me and said, ‘This money means my family will have a meal today.’
(Abraham, Mexico)

The exchange of letters
In our young people’s catechism class, we studied the Works of Mercy. To put them into practice we thought of writing to women in prison. I outlined the project to the Prison Governor who did not agree at first. However, later, when he had consulted other staff, he saw it was a good idea and could help the women. So, the project was approved and the young people got to work preparing drawings and letters to send to the prisoners.
(Prisca, Switzerland)

I knew a few poor families and wanted to help them. In the office a colleague asked me if I was interested in some good quality clothing she no longer needed and toys that belonged to her children who were now grown up. I told her about my desire to help the families and she decided to get others involved. Very soon we had gathered so much stuff in a garage that we either gave away or sold at a bazaar. With the proceeds we have been able to help a lot of families in difficulty. After this experience another colleague who is often very grumpy said we couldn’t stop there so we keep looking around to see who else we can help.
(R.A.R. – Brazil)

Edited by Chiara Favotti


  • Molto bella e interessante questa nuova “veste” di Mariapoli. La trovo adatta al momento attuale sempre più lanciato nel web. Alcune domande: c’è da dare un contributo di “abbonamento” come era per il cartaceo, in quanto sono un abbonato da parecchi anni? Si può passare ad altre persone il contenuto di certi articoli interessanti e provocatori? Si può contribuire con qualche esperienza/articoli da parte di estranei alla rivista? Un grazie di tutto cuore e ancora un forte complimento per questa nuova “rivista”. Padre Carlo Baldessari, un religioso pavoniano

    • Gentile Padre Carlo, grazie di cuore per il suo commento. Il notiziario Mariapoli è online, è gratuito ed è disponibile per tutti coloro che visitano il sito, pertanto può invitare chiunque a visitare il nostro sito, leggere il notiziario Mariapoli online, rilanciare e condividere gli articoli grazie al menù dei social che si trova (menù a comparsa) sulla destra del sito. Aspettiamo anche i vostri commenti, suggerimenti e critiche.
      Se lo desidera, può inviarci esperienze e/o articoli legate alla vita del movimento dei Focolari all’indirizzo
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