Living the Gospel: small steps towards peace

Small things can change society around us

The condominium
A very tense situation arose in my condominium after one of my neighbours, who hadn’t been at the last residents’ meeting, sent everyone a formal notice complaining about work carried out on the building which he considered to be illegal. To clear up the situation, I tried to convince the administrator to hold another meeting. Finally, after a lot of trouble, a meeting was held, and the issue was resolved. Since then the situation has really changed. This neighbour is on good terms with everyone and there is a better atmosphere in the condominium.
(Alessandra – Italy)

My grandfather
My grandfather has come to live with us because he has a problem with his eyes and needs a check-up every month. One day, while we were at the doctor’s, I opened my handbag and realised I had left my purse at home. Not knowing how I would pay for the appointment, I entrusted myself to God. Just as I was leaving, the doctor took me aside and said, “There is no charge this time”. He also offered me some free medicine samples. I understood that God does not abandon me if I do things out of love.
(Arze – Lebanon)

The parcel
One day a parcel was delivered to the halls of residence where I live containing jams, conserves and various items of clothing. My parents hadn’t told me they were going to send me a parcel like this. Together with other students who also try to live the Gospel, we decided to give everything to the students we felt needed it most. A few days later, in the porter’s lodge, I overheard a student asking about a parcel that had been sent to him. I suddenly realised the mistake what had gone wrong and that it was because our surnames are nearly the same. I told him everything and we really laughed together. When I told my family what had happened they sent me a parcel for him that was even bigger. That day a real friendship began between us.
(C.d.F. – Czech Republic)

The supermarket trolleys
When I had finished my shopping in the supermarket and was putting back my trolley, I noticed some plastic gloves and vegetable bags in the other trolleys that hadn’t been used. I decided I could take them out and put them in the recycling bin. A little act of love for the next customers.
(Annalisa – Switzerland)

Edited by Chiara Favotti

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