Living the Gospel: “Be merciful just as your Father is merciful”.

We are God’s children and can be like Him by loving, welcoming and knowing how to wait for the other as He does

In the bank
I work in a bank and have always tried to be someone who builds and maintains unity between my colleagues, so it really hurt me one day to discover that one of my colleagues was using me to make his boss look bad. In church that evening I promised myself I would chase away every negative thought towards this colleague and welcome him as I always had. Later on, he announced his resignation having found another job. As he said goodbye he thanked me for having always been a friend to him. I really hadn’t expected this but was happy to know that my efforts had not been wasted.
(F.S – Switzerland)

A mature faith
My husband’s memory is getting worse every day and he is finding it more and more difficult to do things. I too am finding it difficult to bend over and pick things up. There must be more to life than this I thought. When I heard Pope Francis talking to young people about the elderly, my hope was restored and had a new strength to deal with the difficulties of ageing and illness. I had always rejected faith as a remedy for every difficulty. It has taken me a lifetime to arrive at a more mature faith.
(F.Z. – Poland)

Two precious hours
It was my turn to volunteer in the hospital today, but it was raining, and I was tired. Basically, I’m 62 years old and suffer from arthritis but thinking of all the sick people in hospital I decided to go anyway. When I arrived at the hospital, I met a patient who was depressed, undressed, paralyzed with no one to look after him. I spent two hours with him and really tried to give my life for him. And to think how useless I was feeling yesterday when I looked back on my day!
(M – Italy)

When my husband died after just 4 years of marriage, I asked myself – how will manage to bring up my children alone? I found the answer in the Word of God, the Father of all. I just needed to live it. I experienced it so often, especially as the children got older and the problems started to become more complicated – deciding which school to go to, friends, leisure activities … There are moments when I feel the same desolation as so many other people who like me are bringing up a family on their own but as I continue to believe in the love of God, I feel great peace again which enables me to start a new dialogue with my children and discuss even the most delicate subjects.
(I.C. – Italy)


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