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New relationships can be built in families or at workplaces by sharing what we have and what we are.

A change of gift
Our wedding anniversary was approaching, and our children were preparing a surprise for us.We have been married for 46 years and we have five children.Two days before celebrating our wedding anniversary, my husband and I were given tickets for a holiday in a hotel which our children paid for us. We were thrilled by this. However, a few minutes later the telephone rang: it was a lady I know, who sounded very sad when she shared the news that a seriously ill person needed an urgent operation but had no money to pay for it. The amount needed was precisely that of the tickets for our holiday. We didn’t think twice about giving up our holiday to help this person. The surgery took place on the same day of our anniversary. It was a success and this person is now doing well.
(A. – Angola)

Doing my best to keep the business going
I work in the administration of a healthcare facility that in recent years has been facing financial problems. The working relationship between the managing directors has been quite a difficult one, and no one bothered to listen when I drew attention and suggested reviewing the company’s accounts. One day I felt I could no longer remain silent when faced with such mismanagement and the exorbitant fees paid to various professionals employed by our company. I spoke to one of the partners with whom I have a very trustworthy relationship and we agreed about asking for serious professional advice. This led to some small improvement, and my head of department, who was adamant about closing down the business, decided to keep it going for another year of trial. The first financial tests revealed that we employed more staff than what we could afford, so it was decided to dismiss one employee and give part-time work to another. I proposed reduced hours of work for everyone rather than losing one’s job. My proposal was accepted. There are still a number of problems, but I try to make myself available even from home to listen to everyone, to share with my colleagues their uncertainties and fears, especially the fear of losing their job.
(R. G. – Italia)

I started from the block of flats where I live
“One Saturday afternoon I went down to the entrance hall of the block of flats where I live and placed carefully on a small table all the things that I managed to collect from my room”, related G. who is 7 years old. Some days before, G. looked for comics, magazines and shells she collected because she wanted to set up a stall to sell things to her neighbours. She continued: “I have also written a small note inviting families who live in the same block of flats to give me some of their precious time and visit my stall. For about two hours I welcomed my visitors to the stall and explained to them that the money from my sale would go towards helping some of the poorest children who are my age”. Many bought various items and she managed to collect quite a good sum of money which was contributed towards a solidarity project.
(G.- Italia)

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