Maria Voce leaving for Lebanon and Syria

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Rome, 30 april 2019

“We are at Fiumicino airport and we are waiting to take the plane leaving for Beirut. Then we will continue to Syria. We will visit these two countries and the people who are waiting for us with so much joy. Truly our joy to find them again is great because we don’t see them after a long time.
The thing that I have in my heart right now is the thought that I am going to find a country in full desire for reconstruction. So a country that lives, that has so much hope, both Lebanon and Syria.
And I hope that the Lebanese – they too have experienced the pain of war – that they are now in a moment of peace, are so generous as to help the Syrians who are now beginning their reconstruction. There is so much hope. We also want to contribute to bringing this hope, with our presence, with our affection, with the assurance that we are close to them with the whole world. ”
Maria Voce, President of the Focolare Movement

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