The gospel lived: “Freely you have received, freely give”.

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The logic of Jesus and the Gospel is always to receive so as to give. Never accumulate for oneself. It is also an invitation to all of us to recognise what we have received: energy, talents, abilities, material goods and to use them for the good of others.

The registration fee
I am in charge of a hostel for students in a village in the Punjab. On the day for registering for the final exams two brothers came to tell me that they did not have the money to register. Unfortunately I did not have the means to help them. But I was not at peace thinking about these boys. Two days later having made a few savings, without their knowledge, I sent the respective applications for registration to the office of the superintendent. On that very same day I was offered a big farming job using my tractor.
(M.A. – Pakistan)

The extra change
I don’t often check the change at the cash desk because I am always in a hurry. However one night I was already on my way home when I did a check. There was not much change left over but I thought the cashier might have problems if, at the end of the day, the figures did not tally. So I went back to return what was not mine.
(Annalisa – Switzerland)

All that I have
I am elderly and live alone. I don’t manage to get to the end of the month with my small pension but God’s providence makes sure I don’t lack the essentials. One day I had to go for a check up at the hospital and I had only 2 euro in my pocket for the bus ticket. A poor man was begging and so I gave him the 2 euro. I am known around the area so maybe someone will give me a lift. After only a few steps I met someone I knew very well: without my saying anything he took out his wallet and offer me 50 euros.
(Tonino – Italy)

We went on a walk out of town with our four daughters. We played, ate lunch, sang songs all with great joy. Towards the evening we went home tired but happy. At the front door however we could not find the keys. Who had the keys? Who had locked the door? My wife and I began to argue when our second child said: ‘Why are you arguing? Didn’t Jesus tell us to love one another?’ At these words our attitudes changed . Immediately afterwards we found the keys in the picnic basket.
(T.V. – Madagascar)

Edited by Chiara Favotti

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