The Gospel lived: one with God, available for others

One priceless treasure that Jesus himself left us is his word, the word of God. This gift “involves a great responsibility on our part… God gave us his word so we might bear fruit, and he wants to see it carried out in our lives and actions to bring about that deep transformation in the world that he can do.”

Renewed faith
Our financial situation had become quite insecure. One Sunday we were disappointed at having to give up going on a trip, not even having enough money for petrol. We walked to church, and during the Mass the readings seemed to be particularly for us, especially the words, “The jar of meal was not spent, neither did the cruse of oil fail”. We returned home full of renewed faith. That afternoon, by chance we met someone who just a few months before we had not been able to sell a plot of land to. Discussing it right then and there, we reached an agreement in just a few minutes.
(L. and S. – Italy)

It taught me what consistency means
After my father died there were some dark years, really negative experiences and serious disappointment at not being accepted to flight school, which was so important to me. Around then I met someone, a true Christian, who was quite committed at home, work, in the union and with neighbours. His example taught me what it means to be consistent with Christian ideals: being one with God and at the same time available for each neighbour.
(Ettore – Italy)

A gift at every birth
When we were married, I was working the night shifts on my own and my wife was a physiotherapist. We lived off a small amount of money, but it didn’t seem to us a good enough reason to not welcome life. Each birth of a child (now we have four) coincided with a new career step, almost like a gift that each newborn brought with them. Still today we experience tangible love from on high each day. It is so abundant that we manage to put some money in common with others.
(Michele – Italy)

The postman
I had ordered an iron and ironing board that were supposed to arrive in the mail. The postman had only delivered the first, saying that the board did not fit in his car, and telling me that I could pick it up directly at the post office. When I went to the office, an employee there became really angry, telling me that the postman was required to deliver the board as well, perhaps by loading it at the end of his route. The day after, the postman told me that he had received a good telling off and apologised. “No need to mention it further,” I told him, “we can stay friends like before!” The next Sunday, during a small party, I received a gift of a paper tree with the Word of Life that month: “Rejoice in the Lord always”. Straight away I thought, what if I give it to the postman? I did just that, and the next day I placed it above the letter slot. When I returned home I found a card with a heart on it and the word “Thanks”.
(Monica – Switzerland)

edited by Chiara Favotti

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