A new biography of Chiara Lubich

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Published by Città Nuova and entitled ” History and prophecy: Chiara Lubich’s way to unity”, this book will be presented in preview on November 30 in the Auditorium of the Gemelli Clinic, Rome. At the moment, it is available in Italian only.

The author, Maurizio Gentilini who is an Italian historian, has chosen the title “History and prophecy: Chiara Lubich’s way to unity” for his work. This is the latest biography written about the foundress of the Focolare Movement on the eve of the hundredth anniversary of her birth. Translations into English, Spanish and Korean are planned.

For those who live in the Rome area, it will be possible to meet the author on November 30 at 4.20 pm, in the auditorium of the Gemelli Clinic. The book is one of the publications prepared by the Città Nuova Publishing House for Chiara Lubich’s centenary year. This begins on December 7 – a symbolic date because on that day in 1943 Chiara consecrated herself to God, thus beginning the adventure of the Focolare Movement.

The volume represents an attempt to reflect upon the biographical journey of the foundress of the Focolare Movement one hundred years after her birth and twelve years after her death. The biographer’s aim was to produce a book which would appeal to a wide range of people but would also provide a deeper presentation of individual aspects and major issues related to the person of Chiara and the Focolare – the laity in the Church, Vatican II, the world, ecumenism and peace. It wants to offer a presentation of her life within the context of the many and complex historical events that she witnessed, thus enriching this aspect of the many editorial works which have already been produced.

The author, who likes to define himself as a “simple baptized person”, tries to read the events he describes by making constant reference to sources and by applying a historical-critical method. He understands everything that has happened with the sensitivity of a believer and through the hermeneutical key that finds its synthesis in the relationship between spirituality and action, between history and prophecy.

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  • Me ha tocado la biografia de chiara lubich, su sencillez, su humildad esa gran capacidad ese don de llegar al corazon mediante el evangelio PADRE QUE TODOS SEAMOS UNO

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