Albania: join forces

The local Focolare community and Emergency Coordination of the Movement, together with Caritas and other religious families, are working to help those affected by the earthquake.

The night between 25th and 26th November, a powerful earthquake struck the northern coast of Albania, in the city of Durazzo. To date there are at least 47 dead, 600 wounded and thousands of people displaced, but there seem to be many people still under the rubble. The earthquake produced enormous damage, buildings collapsed and hundreds of people are now homeless. The quake was felt in other areas of Albania and the Adriatic coast.

The local Focolare community is working together with Caritas Albania, diocesan Caritas, many parishes and religious families in mapping the territory to survey houses, schools, churches and damaged buildings, and in planning coordinated assistance. Our people in Tirana wrote, “We are with Caritas and other groups and, as always, we work together.” Particular attention is being given to villages and areas far from the largest urban centers – unknown to the media – which have also suffered significant damage. They emphasized, “Creating bridges, fostering communication channels, networking needs and resources is a shared priority.” The Focolare Movement are helping concretely: welcoming families and people who cannot return to their damaged homes and offering accommodation in the homes of other families in areas not affected by the earthquake. They also offer the possibility of making a technical estimate of the damage suffered. Moreover, the Focolare is providing psychological assistance to the victims of the earthquake who are also affected by the state of continuous alert due to continuous tremors. Solidarity was expressed by the Focolare centers in Macedonia. The youth of the Movement are working to bring help too. There is a clear awareness that a concerted effort is the priority of these first days of the emergency, while in the coming months the need to make a reconstruction plan will follow.

Pope Francis has expressed his spiritual closeness and paternal support towards the affected people and territories: “I am close to the victims, I pray for the dead, for the wounded, for the families,” he told the General Audience on Wednesday 27th November. “May the Lord bless this people that I love so much.”
For those who want to collaborate, the following current accounts have been activated:

Azione per un Mondo Unito ONLUS (AMU)
IBAN: IT58 S050 1803 2000 0001 1204 344
Banca Popolare Etica

Azione per Famiglie Nuove ONLUS (AFN)
IBAN: IT11G0306909606100000001060
Banca Intesa San Paolo

PURPOSE: Earthquake emergency in Albania

The contributions paid on the two current accounts with this purpose will be managed jointly by AMU and AFN.
There are tax benefits for these donations in many countries of the European Union and in other countries of the world, according to the various local regulations.
Italian taxpayers will be provided deductions from taxable income, up to 10% of the income and with the limit of € 70,000.00 per year, with the exception of donations made in cash.

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  • Grazie della notizia. Ho cercato di trafficarla subito perché sento che mi appartiene: “ama la patria altrui come la tua”. Auguri perché da queste macerie certamente il Padre farà rinascere un NUOVO POPOLO per una NUOVA ALBANIA.

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