Coronavirus: The International Focolare Centre issues preventive measures

Owing to the Coronavirus outbreak in many countries of the world, the International Focolare Centre at Rocca di Papa, Italy, issued a number of safety measures to prevent the spread of this contagious virus.

The International Focolare Centre, located at Rocca di Papa (Rome – Italy), announced a number of preventive measures to help control the spread of the Coronavirus epidemic and have it stopped as soon as possible. These measures issued on March 9, are in accordance with the Italian Government decisions and as indicated by the Italian Bishops. They are in line with the nationwide coronavirus lockdown  announced by the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers, when Italy has been declared a “protected zone” from March 10 until April 3.

The measures issued are the following:

  1. All activities organized by the International Centre at Rocca di Papa or elsewhere in Italy, scheduled to take place during March, April and May 2020 have been These include activities planned for Chiara Lubich’s Centenary (1920-2020) and other various  initiatives.
  2. There will be no group visits to the International Centre until the end of May 2020.
  3. Collaborators at the International Centre cancelled visits to places in Italy and abroad scheduled to take place till the end of May 2020.
  4. Weekday and Sunday Mass will not be celebrated at the Centre until April 3.
  5. The Centre guarantees its function for essential services, while collaborators will carry out ordinary work in a remote way.

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