Gen Rosso meets the world… in their own home

Their live streaming sessions from Loppiano keep alive the hope that fraternity can reach everywhere. Their new single is coming out any day now.

During the Coronavirus emergency, we all need to stay home as much as possible. Gen Rosso, the international performing arts group began live streaming from their home on March 20th.Here we report a short interview with Tomek Mikusinski, spokesman for the group.

How did the idea of live streaming come about?
“It began because we wanted other people to know that we are close to them during this time – close to the people who are giving their own lives each day as they try to save others and close to the thousands of people we have met at our concerts. We also wanted to share something positive and beautiful during this time of almost total isolation. I think that all of us, at least once, will have asked ourselves: ‘Why is this happening?’ It’s not easy to give answers, but we have sung ‘We believe in love’ so many times. We believe that love is behind everything that is happening.”

 Your broad and varied audience confirms the universality of your message.
“The essence of our message is love, unity and a culture of sharing. It is a message that has no labels, it’s universal and everyone can understand it. We would like the people who watch us to experience the good and the longing for happiness and unity that there is in each one of us.”

Your audience interacts with you a lot during streaming: which message has impressed you the most?
“We get a lot of messages from people who work in hospitals:  here are three of them.

‘I work in Covid Resuscitation. Our faces scarred by the masks, our eyes are our only recognisable feature and we no longer have timetable to follow but we are not giving up.. Please continue to bring us joy. My colleagues and I promise you that we will do all we can and persevere to the end.’

‘A huge thank you to Gen Rosso. I saw them today before I left for my shift at the hospital here in Asti. It was a breath of fresh air for my soul.’

‘I’m a Covid ICU nurse and I listen to your CD in the car on the way to work. It gives me the energy and inner peace to get through the shift… Thank you!’

Your new single “NOW” is coming out: can you give us a foretaste? How did it begin and what is it about?
“Actually it’s not just a single, we’re planning a whole new album but we want to release it song by song over the next two years. ‘NOW is a song that blends the most current electro pop sounds with the vintage sounds of the funky 70s. The lyrics of the song, in English, express our belief that even if we make serious mistakes, we can always start again, because the voice of God-the-Father who is Love can be heard. On April 15th the single ‘NOW’ will be released on the most popular digital stores like Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, etc.”.

The next live streaming appointment is April 8th 2020, at 16:00, Italian time, with some songs and special greetings on the @YouTube channel. Here is the link:

Don’t miss us! #Distantiuniti

Lorenzo Russo



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