Making the Resurrection an experience of the people

Maria Voce, President of the Focolare Movement, sends her Easter greetings: to experience a continuous passing from death to resurrection through love of neighbour. Only in this way will we overcome this painful time of   pandemic and any other suffering.

Easter 2020

Dear All,

This year, Jesus’ passing from death to a completely new life challenges us and puts us in an attitude of listening.

And it is here that faith and our charism come to our aid: we find the answer in Jesus crucified and forsaken, the God of these present times that are so hard to understand. Even the loneliness we are now perhaps forced to experience, if lived with him, can be inhabited and filled by His Kingdom.[1] Only by choosing him, embracing him in all that is painful, and loving him in an exclusive way, will we and the whole of humanity find the path towards the light, towards a new birth.

JESUS IS RISEN! Let us have this experience of passing continually from death to resurrection and share it with many, with everyone.

This is how we can prepare for tomorrow and lay solid foundations for the world of the future, when we will go back to meeting one another and embracing one another once more.





[1] Vedi Chiara Lubich, “Dov’è la schiavitù?”, [Where is slavery] Fermenti di unità, pg. 130, ed. 1963.


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