A divine adventure

This reflection by Chiara Lubich reverses our usual way of interpreting the joyful or painful events that are woven together in the fabric of our life. She invites to see things in a completely different way, with new eyes, trusting in the fact that nothing escapes God’s love. This deep inner conviction fills us with hope and helps us be more courageous.

… If we love God, our life and its many circumstances become a divine adventure in which we are astonished every moment by the newness it brings. This divine adventure is full of treasures to be discovered that enrich us all the time and are like little pieces added to the mosaic of our holiness.

In fact, [Scripture] tells us. “We know that all things work together for good for those who love God” (Rom 8:28). All things… for those who love God. All things. Nothing — and we must believe this — happens by chance.  No situation, whether joyful or indifferent or sorrowful; no meeting or situation, in the family, at work or at school; no state of physical or moral health, is without meaning. Instead, all things, events, situations, and people, are bearers of a message from God, which we should know how to read and accept with all our heart.

All things work together for good for those who love God. God has his own design of love for each one of us. He loves us with a personal love, and—if we believe in this love and respond with our own love (that is the condition!) — He leads all things toward the fulfilment of his plan for us.

It is enough to look at Jesus. We know how much he loved the Father. If we think of him even for a moment, we can see how he lived this Word to the full all his life. For Jesus, nothing happened by chance. Everything had a purpose.

However, we see this Word personified in him in a unique way during the last days of his life; nothing in his passion and death happened by chance.

For Jesus, even the extreme trial of feeling forsaken by the Father worked together for good, because by overcoming it he brought his Work to completion.

His passion was caused unknowingly. Those who made him suffer and die did not know what they were doing. They didn’t know who it was they were torturing and crucifying; they did not know that they were conducting a sacrifice, the most perfect sacrifice that would bring about the salvation of humankind. Jesus suffered at the hands of people who did not have this end in mind. But since he loved the Father, he transformed all these things into means of redemption, seeing in those terrible moments the hour he had so long awaited and the fulfilment of his divine, earthly adventure.

Jesus’ example enlightens our own life. We should understand that everything that comes to us, all that happens, all that is around us and all that causes us to suffer, is either the will of God who loves us, or has been allowed to happen by God, who loves us still.

Then everything will take on new meaning, everything will have a purpose and it will all be extremely useful.

Let’s take heart. We are still alive. We are still on the journey. Our life can still be transformed into a divine adventure. The plan of God for us can still be fulfilled. It’s enough to keep on loving and look out for his ever splendid will.

Chiara Lubich

(From a telephone conference call, Rocca di Papa, 2nd August 1984)

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