Taking risks, based on his Word

The Gospel is the Word of God expressed in human words and for this reason it is a source of ever new life, even during the pandemic. But in order for this life to develop, we need to put Jesus’ words into practice, to translate them into concrete acts of faith, love and hope.

… “If you say so, I will let down the nets” (Lk 5:5).  In order for Peter to experience the power of God, Jesus asked him to have faith. He asked him to believe in Him and to believe in something which was impossible from a human point of view, indeed absurd: to let down his nets during the day after a fruitless night.

If we want life to come back to us, if we want to experience a miraculous catch of happiness, we too must have faith and, if necessary, take the risk of believing in the absurd things that at times his Word requires.

We know that the Word of God is Life, but we obtain this life by going through death. We gain this life, but have it by losing it; it is growth, but we reach this growth by becoming less.

So what must we do? How can we come out of the state of spiritual tiredness in which some of us may find ourselves?

By taking on the risks that his Word implies.

We are often influenced by the mentality of the world in which we live  and end up believing that happiness is found in what we possess, in asserting ourselves, in enjoying ourselves, in lording it over others, in being noticed, in satisfying our senses by eating or drinking. But in fact it is not like that.

Let’s try taking the risk of cutting away all these things. Let’s allow our ego to run the risk of a complete death. Let’s risk it, let’s risk it! Once, twice, even ten times a day.

What will happen? In the evening we will find that love has gently blossomed in our hearts once more. We will find union with God in a way we could not have hoped for. The light of his unmistakeable inspirations will shine out again. His peace and consolation will fill our hearts and we will feel that we are enveloped by His Fatherly love once more. Enveloped by his protection, we will find that strength, hope and trust grow in us again and will be sure that the Holy Journey is possible. … We will be sure that the world can belong to God.

But we need to take the risk of dying to ourselves, nothingness and detachment. This is the price to pay!

Take courage then! Let’s take risks based on his Word in order to obtain a miraculous catch of happiness in our hearts, and in the hearts of many who love God.

                                                                      Chiara Lubich

 Taken from a telephone conference call Rocca di Papa, 17th February 1983


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