Lord, give me all the lonely

Every day we hear statistics about the spread of the pandemic in the world and see coverage from the most affected countries. These give rise to feelings similar to those expressed in the following prayer by Chiara Lubich. Even our planet, which is suffering more and more, is calling out for and awaiting our active and determined love. 

Lord, give me all the lonely… I have felt in my heart the passion that fills your heart for all the forsakenness in which the whole world is drifting.

I love every being that is sick and alone: even – plants in distress cause me pain… even animals left alone.

Who consoles their weeping?

Who mourns their slow death?

And who clasps to their own the heart in despair?

Grant me, my God, to be in this world the tangible sacrament of your Love, of your being Love: to be your arms that clasp to themselves and consume in love all the loneliness of the world.

Chiara Lubich

Written on 1st September 1949

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