Gospel lived/1 – Full stop

Anything can happen in life: easy or difficult situations, mourning, victories or defeats, but there is a  common denominator for all, a common way to deal with each situation: the relationship with God. Circumstances will always be different, but He is always present; always with us.

In isolation
“Tomorrow,” said the doctor, “we’ll put you in an isolation ward”. I felt like someone with a bad smell. I knew someone had died from that illness. Death! I was not afraid of the pain that comes with the last battle for life. Rather I felt the detachment from my own as sharp as a sword in my heart. I had not said goodbye to them. And now… I might never see them again. I wept. And yet, to die meant meeting Jesus whom I loved. But it seemed to me that the love given and received here on earth by so many tied me down here and the flight upwards was exhausting. I knew these people on earth, the others up there I didn’t yet know well. On the other hand I had always tried to love Jesus in every neighbour: relatives, friends, acquaintances, strangers! “It was you, Jesus, whom I loved and found in everyone, the same one that – if I die now – I will meet”. This last thought slowly gave me peace. I remained for a long time in isolation, with the ups and downs associated with the illness, but enveloped more or less by a mysterious presence with the possibility of speaking to the One who listened to me and to whom I could listen.
M. – Italy

Rudeness at school
I don’t know if I’ve aged or the generation has definitely changed. I was talking about it with my fellow teachers and we all came to the conclusion that unfortunately there is a lack of basic education. It is not only a lack of respect towards teachers, evident also in a shameless judgmental attitude towards teachers by  parents, but a complete lack of a sense of attention towards each other.

In one of the most difficult classes, after a regrettable incident, I pointed out that in every culture and tradition there is a basic rule of coexistence: “Do to others what you would like to be done to you”.  I asked everyone if such a rule seemed acceptable to them. After a great silence one pupil started to speak, then another one… and in the end a real dialogue was created. Since that day something has changed: almost invisibly, but something has changed. Once more I had to believe again. Young people need real, firm points of reference.
C. – Spain

I was tempted to emigrate…
I am a specialist in infectious diseases and, due to poor health facilities, poor hygiene and very low salaries, I was tempted to emigrate like many colleagues. However, after reflecting with my wife, I decided to continue my service to my brothers and sisters in our country. With the support of Christian friends abroad, it was possible to build a health facility complete with a laboratory and guarantee specific medicines even for the poorest people. In addition to the development of productive activities to improve basic nutrition, an attempt was also made to ensure psychosocial support for the sick and their families.
M.- Democratic Republic of Congo

Edited by Stefania Tanesini


  • Grazie!!!! Queste esperienzie ci dano il coraggio di andar avante con la sicurezza di far parte di un popolo nuovo e costruire qui, nel mio piccolo una societa nuova

  • Amar a Jesús te quita el miedo a ir a lo alto, el miedo lo vences con la Fè, asi como yo siento que estoy venciendo a un Cáncer de mamas que más que segura estoy que ya no exite en mk cuerpo….por una única razón ….Jesús vive en mi vida y corazón!!

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