#daretocare in Vietnam: working together for universal brotherhood

The commitment of the young people of the Ho Chi Minh City Focolare Movement in Vietnam for people in difficulty: to take care of their needs by distributing 300 parcels of goods to families and 370 small gifts for children.

In July 2020, some gen2 and youths of the Focolare in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam wanted to do something concrete for #daretocare – the focolare youth Campaign to “take responsibility” for our society and the planet -, to help people in the community who are in need. They chose to go and share their love to Cu M’gar district, Dak Lak province. It is a place with the widest coffee area and the people come from another ethnic group. It’s 8 hours’ drive from HCMC.

“We started to pack and sell fruits, yogurt, and sweet potatoes online. We collected used clothes for adults and kids, we received some donations and at a certain point the restrictions for COVID19 was over so we were able to sell goods as “fundraising” at the parish. During the preparation, it was a big challenge for us to see things together, misunderstanding and disagreements were not lacking. But knowing that there will be 300 families who are waiting for us we continue to go ahead with love, patience and a little of sacrifice.

On the 17 – 18 October with 30 energetic and enthusiastic youths, we made a meaningful trip. We were able to distribute 300 parcels of goods to the families and 370 small gifts for the kids. During the trip, we realized how lucky and happy we are compared to the situations of these families. We shared what we have brought to show our love but at the end we received more LOVE through their smiles… In fact, every time we approach them it seemed like we have known each other for a long time.

During the trip some of the youths brought their friends. We found ourselves being together from different parts of Vietnam. There was a joy to know each one, to laugh and to work together like brothers and sisters without any distinctions.

Thank you for this project #daretocare, a good excuse to work together and build this fraternal brotherhood among us”.

Gen and youth of the Focolare Movement in Vietnam


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