An international award to the Focolare Movement for its commitment towards the environment

The Focolare Movement received the “I do my part” international award from the Kronos Academy for its commitment in favour of our planet through its ecological initiative by EcoOne. Pope Francis and Thor Heyerdahl, the Norwegian explorer and anthropologist are also among the winners of the 2020 edition. The latter received the award posthumously.

 An old African tale relates that during a forest fire a hummingbird, the smallest of birds, flew towards the fire while all other animals fled away from it. When the lion asked the hummingbird about its behaviour, the bird with a drop of water on its beak, replied: “I’m doing my part!”. The international award, assigned by the Kronos Academy takes its name from this story. It has now reached its fourth edition, and it is rewarded annually to people, entities and nations that “do their part” in favour of the environment and the earth’s climate.

Among the eight winners of this edition, there is also EcoOne, the Focolare international initiative promoted by a network of lecturers, academics, researchers and professionals who perform in  environmental sciences and strive to enrich their scientific knowledge through a profound humanistic reading of contemporary ecological problems (

Due to the pandemic, the award ceremony could not be held, as scheduled, at the Protomoteca Hall of the Campidoglio in Rome. The Focolare Movement received its reward on Thursday, 26 November 2020, at its international headquarters in Rocca di Papa, Rome from Vincenzo Avalle, member of the National Board of the Kronos Academy, who was accompanied by Armando Bruni, the Coordinator for the Academy in Central Italy and three environmental officers. Prof. Luca Fiorani, President of EcoOne received the award on behalf of the Focolare Movement. He was presented with a sculpture of a hummingbird, made of recycled metal by the artist Renato Mancini, and an award certificate.

“This award is meant to stimulate, to motivate all those who are committed to protect the environment”, explained Vincenzo Avalle, while he continued: “I was struck by the complex Focolare activity in favour of the environment as expressed by EcoOne, supported by science and interaction with politics”.

When Fioriani received the award, he said: “I can see a great synergy between the Kronos Academy and the Focolare/EcoOne, because we are complementary: Kronos originates from action, EcoOne from reflection. We need one another. The Focolare Movement can contribute to different areas of cultural depth, especially economy and politics, both decisive for the environment. We can also offer our international experience”. He added: “I see a possibility of collaboration, of very strong synergy. There are so many entities that work for the environment. I think it’s time that all these organizations pool their work together”.

The Kronos Academy ( continues with the work and spirit of “Kronos 1991”, one of the first environmental organisations that was set up. With about 10,000 members in Italy and international offices and references, it is committed to protect the environment and quality of life. In collaboration with Scientific Institutes and Universities, Kronos offers a degree course for “Environmental Educator and Disseminator” and two  masters degree courses in “Health and Environment”, and it supports a supervisory body for environmental prevention and information. But above all it invites people  the world over to “do their part” to safeguard the environment.

Joachim Schwind


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