Turn around: change direction to save the earth

The new Gen Verde single to support concrete and collective projects to protect Creation

Turn Around, Gen Verde’s new single, grew out of a desire to reflect and stimulate concrete action to safeguard the earth, being inspired by contemplating the earth’s beauty.

It is a song that is both a prayer and a cry in chorus, a reflection and action, one that instills hope and the desire for change. From young Greta Thunberg’s speech at the UN to Pope Francis’ words in “Laudato Si'”, from the astronaut James Buchli to Chiara Lubich… these were the main inspirations for the new song written by Nancy Uelmen which speaks openly about climate problems and calls for a change of direction giving a voice to what young people are demanding: “It really impresses me to see these young people trying to do something because their future is at risk.  As Gen Verde we wondered what we could do and, since we love expressing ourselves through music, we had the idea of writing a song to show the earth’s beauty and put at the centre of our attention Creation as a gift we have received to be protected and taken care of.” .

The words are even more powerful when sung by young people from different parts of the world as a choir: from the United States of America to India, from Ireland to Nigeria, New Caledonia and many other countries. “It was a really strong experience,” says Colomba, “when, in spite of the pandemic and not being able to meet physically in a recording studio, we asked lots of young people to give us a hand by recording their contribution to this song. When we put the different voices together we were deeply moved because this song is already carrying the regenerative strength of a group that really wants to reverse this negative trend and who have experienced this, even if at a distance”.

And while keeping a compelling style of music for a young audience, this song has also a genuine prayer: “We turn to the “Creator Spirit” (which reminds us a bit of the Schola Gregoriana’s “Veni Creator Spiritus”)” – continues Nancy – “because we feel we need God’s help to have the light to understand how to heal our common home and, more importantly, to change our hearts… not just my heart or someone else’s but the hearts of the whole community”.

And of course the lyrics are infused with a hope that is typical of Gen Verde’s songs and a firm belief in the strength of commitment of many to the common good.

The song is written in a mainly electronic pop style.  It maintains elements of continuity with Gen Verde’s latest albums but at certain points, the music style deviates slightly to encourage personal and collective reflection, inviting people to make a commitment to save the earth.

It is a strong commitment which is why the new Turn Around video clip was performed live for the first time at the international meeting entitled The Economy of Francesco. Link YouTube Turn Around.

Tiziana Nicastro

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