Renewing Reciprocal Love

The General Statutes of the Focolare Movement, as well as the Regulations of each of its branches, contain a “premise to every other rule” a “norm of norms”: the commitment of whoever is part of the Movement to live mutual charity according to the Commandment of Jesus. In the following text, Chiara Lubich emphasizes that this commitment must be continually renewed.

[In the letter to the Romans the apostle Paul] says: “Let us cast off deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light” (Rom 13:12).The “deeds of darkness” are the consequences of vices and sin. The “armor of light” is the virtues and the practice of living the Word of God in our lives.

Now, we know that the New Commandment of Jesus is the synthesis of all His commands, of all His Words. Therefore, we will put on the “armor of light” by refocusing our lives on this commandment.

The result—we know—is that the Risen Lord will be resplendent in the midst of our community. […] So then, the “armor of light.” The New Commandment practiced with new commitment. […]

This is an invitation that I extend to all of you.

And so that we can begin right away, let’s take a moment to look at our reciprocal love: let’s consider the measure of love (keeping in mind that it must be the same measure with which Jesus loves us: therefore to be ready to give our lives); let’s look at where our generosity is lacking, at our limitations in loving, so that we can overcome them; let’s see if our reci­procal love may rest too heavily on a human plane, and need therefore to be raised to a supernatural level….

If we do so, if we improve our reciprocal love in this way, Jesus, the Saint, will be among us and will make this present year the holiest of our lives.[…]

Chiara Lubich

 (From a telephone conference call, Rocca di Papa, 13 November, 1986)



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