Live every moment well

Chiara Lubich speaks of the present moment: by living each moment well, we can develop very good habits. Our charity, mutual love and union with God grow, and our soul is filled with calmness, peace and joy all day long.

We have all been living the present moment, applying it in various ways according to the password. … Furthermore, we’ve noticed that one of the results of living in this way, if we do so faithfully and diligently, is that we acquire very good habits that we didn’t have before.

For example, we frequently offer Jesus our actions, saying “for You”, which transforms our day into an uninterrupted prayer, because by living the present moment, we have actual grace which reminds us to say “for You” before every action.

Another example is that by living in this way, we feel able to defend ourselves against temptations more quickly than before.

… We also give the actions we must carry out their rightful place, without bringing them forward because we like them or postponing them because they are burdensome, because this is what often happens.

Furthermore, words of encouragement, esteem and praise spontaneously flow from our heart towards the people we live with, or those we meet or are in contact with by phone, for example, or by writing to them, preparing talks or lessons for them and so on. We see Jesus in them ever more frequently, so that while our charity grows and gradually becomes more refined, our union with God grows deeper.

We don’t forget to greet and adore Jesus living in the tabernacle, each time we pass by, or when we are reminded of him by a cross or an image.

… We realize that it is easier for us to maintain mutual love throughout the day, which for us Christians, is very important. In fact, Scripture says that living out the new commandment makes us perfect: “If we love one another,” St John says, “God lives in us, and his love is perfected in us” (1 Jn 4:12). Before this – we must admit – even with great good will, reciprocal charity had its ups and downs. Of course we always started over again, but there were breaks.

Having become more perfect in little things, we are better equipped to deal also with bigger ones and all day long our soul is filled with calmness, peace and joy. These are some of the habits acquired which build up virtues in our soul. It is a truly wonderful gathering of virtues.

Now, if we can notice all this and more in ourselves when we live the present moment consistently, we must conclude that we are on the right track. …

Chiara Lubich

 (Taken from a telephone conference call, Castel Gandolfo 23rd October 2003)

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