On May 23rd 2021 Gen Rosso will give a solidarity concert to promote a forthcoming tour, with migrants on the Balkan Route., in a refugee camp in Bosnia-Herzegovina 

In Bosnia-Herzegovina in south-eastern Europe some migrants are experiencing a dramatic situation. On the so-called Balkan route, beaten by the cold and with the risk of Covid, these refugees are living in extremely poor sanitary conditions. Various organisations on site are helping them in different ways, especially against the cold and hunger.

One of the many initiatives is a project by the international group Gen Rosso to bring a sense of solidarity, relief, humanitarian support and basic training through the performing arts to the migrants stranded in Bosnia.

The idea is to carry out a ‘concert project’ right there in the refugee camp in the town of Bihać.  The event will be organised in cooperation with the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS), an international organisation with the mission to accompany, serve and support refugees and other displaced persons so that they can determine their own future.

This is precisely the reason for the idea of the HIGHER concert that Gen Rosso will present on Sunday May 23rd 2021 at 9:00 p.m. (Italian time), in live streaming directly from the Gen Rosso Studios in Loppiano (Italy).

At this link you can register to follow the event.

The proceeds of the tickets – according to the formula of free and spontaneous donation – will be used for the organizational expenses for the Life concert in Bihać and to involve as much as possible – in compliance with Covid rules – the migrants who are there, with three days of workshops and a concert on stage alongside Gen Rosso.

Refugees will therefore be the real protagonists of the event. They will be able to convey the message:  ‘No’ to a culture of violence and human exploitation, and ‘Yes’ to integration and dialogue for a culture of universal brotherhood.

The HIGHER concert will unfold in four narrative passages through which we want to lead the audience to reflect and to search for truth. Therefore, an artistic event made up of various moments where each section deals with a particular theme: God Love, we are loved and therefore we love; making an important change that passes through pain; dying for one’s own people – mutual love – being there for one another and finally light and joy – Easter.

A number of artists will participate in the concert – Emanuele Conte, an Italian singer-songwriter, Karine Aguiar, a singer from Amazonia, Albert Illa, a Spanish singer-songwriter and musician – sharing their music with Gen Rosso.

Lorenzo Russo



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