Chiara “Luce” Badano Award 2021

A competition for young people 10 – 35  who can use  artistic skills to present the inspiration derived from their encounter with Chiara Luce Badano. Closing date – 30 June 2021.

This year, once again entries can be made for the  Chiara “Luce” Badano Award promoted by the Chiara Badano Foundation.  This competition began four years ago in recognition of Chiara Badano, a young member of the Focolare Movement from the Sassello community  in Italy who was beatified on 25 September 2010. The competition aims to promote artistic works inspired by the example and the  story of her life. Its aim is to spread knowledge about Chiara Badono and propose her as a role model for young people.

When she was 17, Chiara discovered she had a bone tumour. She realised the seriousness of the disease but her infinite love for God was stronger. Her offer was decisive: “For you Jesus. If you want it, I want it too!”

She had a close and profound relationship with Chiara Lubich, founder of the Focolare Movement, who wrote to her: “God loves you immensely and wants to penetrate the depths of your soul and make you experience drops of heaven. “Chiara Luce’ is the name I thought you could have; do you like it? It is the light of the Ideal that conquers the world…”

Chiara Badano left for heaven on 7 October 1990 at the age of 19.  Her life was short but, when seen in terms of her relationship with God Love, it is an example for thousands of young people all over the world.

The Chiara “Luce” Badano Award is open to all young people between the ages of 10 and 35 years.  Its purpose is to reward those who are most successful in expressing in an artistic manner whatever their encounter with Chiara Badano has inspired in them.

There will be two categories for entrants:10 to 16 years and 17 to 35 years.   Individuals or groups of young people can take part.  Only one entry per participant. The date of registration for the award will be taken as proof of age.

Entrants can use their  favourite form of artistic expression: drawing, poetry, story writing, song, dance,  mime, cartoon, video clip or other. Entries must be received no later than 30 June 2021.  For full details refer to

Entries for each age group will be judged by a team of experts led by Maria Theresa Badano, Chiara’s mother.

Awards will be announced in Sassello on 29 October, Chiara Luce’s feast day.  Winners will receive a glass plaque of Chiara and the prize winning works will be exhibited or performed.

Lorenzo Russo

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  • Chiara, me a inspirado a través de su persistencia, de su fuerza, y su amor por el progimo y a Dios, es muy hermoso lo que están haciendo y con gusto participaré en este proyecto.

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