It is a partnership of perfect fellowship, which requires from us great faith in God’s love for his children. This mutual trust works miracles. We will see that, where we cannot do anything, Someone else has been at work, who has done immensely better than we could.

The greatest wisdom is to spend our time living the will of God perfectly in the present moment.

Sometimes, however, such nagging thoughts assail us, either about the past or the future, or about the present, but concerning places or circumstances or people, to which we cannot directly devote ourselves, that it takes a huge effort to steer the rudder of life’s ship and stay on course by doing what God wills of us in the present moment.

A perfect response on our part requires of us a will, a decision, but above all a trust in God that can border on heroism.

“I can do nothing in that particular case, for that person dear to me who is sick or in danger, for that complicated situation…

“So I will do what God wants of me in this moment. I will study hard, I’ll sweep the house well, pray well, take good care of my children.…

“And God will attend to unravelling that tangled knot, comforting the sufferer, resolving that unforeseen problem.”

This is a partnership of perfect fellowship. It requires of us great faith in God’s love for his children and this enables God, then, through our response, to have faith in us.

This mutual trust works miracles.

We will see that, where we could do nothing, Someone else was truly at work and did immensely better than we could.

Our heroic act of trust will be rewarded. Our life, limited to a single field, will acquire a new dimension. We will feel we are in touch with the Infinite, that which we yearn for, and our faith, gaining new vigour, will strengthen our charity, our love.

We will no longer know the meaning of loneliness. We will see, more clearly than ever, because it is our experience, that we are truly children of a Father who can do all things.

Chiara Lubich


Cf. Chiara Lubich Essential Writings New City Press, Hyde Park New York, 2007, pp 70-71

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