Alain Christnacht appointed independent supervisor in abuse case of a former French focolarino

With regard to the case of child abuse at the hands of J.M.M., a former consecrated member of the Focolare Movement, on July 26, 2021 the Movement appointed a Supervisor to play the role of an Independent Oversight Function (IOF) on the ongoing investigation carried out by the company GCPS Consulting, an independent body appointed by the Focolare Movement in December 2020.

Focolare President Ms. Margaret Karram and Co-President Fr. Jesús Morán appointed Mr. Alain Christnacht as Supervisor in the role of Independent Oversight Function. This function was set up primarily to guarantee the victims and to supervise the proper conduct of the investigation by GCPS Consulting, to whom the movement renews its total confidence and who remains the only body authorised to carry out the investigation.

For those who wish to contact the Independent Oversight Function regarding the ongoing investigation, this is the email address:

By the end of December 2021, GCPS Consulting will produce a public report detailing its findings and recommendations as the Independent Investigating Commission. In this line, the supervision of the Independent Oversight Function, external both to the Focolare Movement and to GCPS Consulting, is an additional guarantee for the victims and an additional support in the search for the truth.

Who is Alain Christnacht
Alain Christnacht, French citizen, is a senior State official; he has held positions at national level as Prefect and State Councillor. Today, he is president of Samusocial of Paris, a public interest organization that helps homeless people. A former president or administrator of youth organisations, since 2016 he has chaired an independent national commission of experts on paedophilia, made up of magistrates and medical doctors, consultor of the French Catholic Bishops’ Conference.

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