Chiara Lubich: better than yesterday

If we try to improve every day, we too can be builders of peace as the November 2021 Word of Life invites us to be.

We do all we can – because this is what our Ideal wants – to achieve unity in the whole world. It is for this reason (for peace everywhere) that we pray every day during the ‘time-out’. Now, one of the means we have for reaching this goal (unity and peace) is that of involving as many other people as possible, and of course the members of other religions. So, I invite everyone to revive the relationships we have with them. … And there are members of the different religions more or less everywhere.

Certainly, what God’s will asks of us is always a revolution. We know that in this field there have been centuries of immobility and often of hostility. It is a hard struggle to build peace, and so we must be strengthened, trained and prepared.

This is why I would like to suggest, first of all to myself and then to all of you, something which will help us in the following weeks, give us more support and is extra to what we are already doing. It will help us be more vigilant and continually grow so that we don’t lose ground. We know, in fact, that if we do not go forward, we go backwards. I would like to suggest something that will help us to improve a little bit every day in living our Ideal.

This something could consist in saying to ourselves before every action: ‘Today better than yesterday’.

Many actions in our life are somewhat repetitive: we pray every day, we eat, we go out, we study, we work, we meet people, we sleep, we go for walks, we do housework, we rest, and so on.

Well then, before every action, let’s say: ‘Better than yesterday’. And let’s act accordingly.

By doing so, we will be as God wants us to be. We are a Movement and we are not allowed to stand still. We will receive more graces and it will be easier for us to carry out this month’s specific task: to give special attention to the faithful of other religions and to collaborate with them towards peace and unity in the world.

Chiara Lubich

(Chiara Lubich, in Conversazioni in collegamento telefonico, a cura di Michel Vandeleene, Opere di Chiara Lubich, Città Nuova, 2019, pagg. 425-426)


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