Igino Giordani summed up Christmas in a few significant words: “Our welcoming the child Jesus into the cold grotto of our hearts; giving hospitality to that Light which had found no place elsewhere and decided to shine on us, making all things new.

“Jesus was born in a stable, to show us that he can be born in our hearts too, which are not unlike a stable. And when he is born in our heart, as in the grotto, the angels sing, the light shines in the night, and peace rains down on earth.

Jesus, with his Birth, began a Revolution: he took humanity from the stable and raised it to the stars. He made even those strong men who enslaved him become his brothers, his equals.

Christmas cannot be reduced to carols and candles. God is not to be made fun of. Our Father in heaven calls for our bread on earth.

It is clear: those who want to make us slaves again, to take back our freedom, remain active. And this is done with various kinds of pressure (…). We lose our freedom, we lose our charity: and so we live according to the flesh. Instead of being willing servants of our sisters and brothers, we exploit them.

And yet the law, justice, is this: treat others as you would have them treat you.

Mutual service, where justice and charity are one. It is God who lives in us: the Word – Reason – who becomes flesh among us and makes the stars shine on the stables.

Igino Giordani, “La Via”, [The Way] 24.12.1949.

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