Today too, the lived Christian life is a light that brings people to God. Believers, individually and as a community, have a task to perform, which Chiara Lubich explains in this text: to reveal, through their lives, the presence of God, which is manifested wherever two or three are united in his name, a presence promised to the Church until the end of time.

A Christian cannot escape from the world, hide away, or consider religion a private affair. A Christian lives in the world and has a responsibility, a mission towards all people, which is to be a light that shines out. You too have this task, and if you do not do it, you are as useless as salt that has lost its taste or light that has become shadow.

Light manifests itself in ‘good works’. It shines through the good works that Christians do. Now you might say: ‘It’s not only Christians who do good works. Others collaborate for social development, build houses and promote justice…’

You are right. Christians too certainly do, and indeed must do, all these things, but their specific task is not only that. Christians should perform good works with a new spirit, the spirit that allows Christ to live in them. …

The Evangelist Matthew, in fact, did not intend only isolated acts of charity (such as visiting prisoners, clothing the naked, or doing the various works of mercy according to the needs of our times). Rather, he was referring to a total commitment to do the will of God, so that they make their whole life a good work.

If they do this, Christians are ‘transparent’ and the praise they receive for all they do will not be for themselves, but for Christ in them. Through them, God will be present in the world. Every Christian’s task, therefore, is to let the light that dwells in them shine out and be the “sign” of this presence of God among people. …

If the good work of the individual believer has this characteristic, the Christian community in the midst of the world must also have the same specific task: to reveal through its life the presence of God, who manifests himself wherever two or three are united in his name,[1] a presence promised to the Church until the end of time.

Chiara Lubich

Chiara Lubich, in Parole di Vita, [Words of Life] a cura di Fabio Ciardi, Opere di Chiara Lubich, Città Nuova, 2017, pp. 145

[1]     Mt 18:20.

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