GCPS Consulting announced in November that it would postpone the release of the results of its independent investigation until the first quarter of 2022.  

The investigation into the sexual abuse perpetrated by J.M.M., a former French consecrated member of the Focolare Movement, is taking longer than expected. This was announced in a statement last November by GCPS Consulting, the specialised consultancy firm to which the Movement entrusted the independent investigation.

“The information-gathering process is continuing well beyond the planned timetable,” the statement says, “and the Commission is planning interviews with key people within the Focolare (…) also as part of a review of safeguarding arrangements.

On a positive note, this shows that the process is thorough and complete (…). We aim to publish it as soon as possible in the first quarter of 2022.”

Expressing regret for the delay, the appointed Commission hopes that “all interested parties understand that the scope of the work has been expanded and that the aim is to fully reflect the voices of all those who have provided evidence and other information to the Commission”.

Stefania Tanesini

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