To participate in a film competition and then use the cash prize to help others. With United World Week (SMU) 2022 just days away, we share an experience that comes straight from Jordan. A true action of integral ecology carried out by the teens of the Focolare in the wake of the #DARETOCARE campaign.

“I would like to invite you to embark, together, on a journey. A journey of transformation and action. Made up not so much of words, but above all, of concrete and urgent action. (…) Integral ecology is an invitation to an ‘integral’ vision of life, starting from the conviction that everything in the world is connected (…)”.

With these words, Pope Francis addresses, through a video message, the participants of the “Countdown” TED’s digital event on climate change, held in October 2020. An invitation to “act” concretely, for the good of the planet and all of us: to care for the common home and meet the needs of its inhabitants.

It’s enough to start with small actions, as these Gen 3 from Jordan did, who, with a keen eye on #DARETOCARE, really succeeded in creating a ‘virtuous’ circle by presenting their short film on ecology ‘Nature Karma’ at the Middle Eastern Film Festival.

Talking about the importance of caring for the environment and winning an award was just the first step in deciding, with conviction, to want to help others.

Edited by Maria Grazia Berretta

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