Kindness, mercy, and forgiveness are three characteristics of mutual love that can help us shape our social relationships.

The unity brought by Christ always needs to be revived and translated into concrete social actions that are inspired entirely by mutual love. Here are some pointers about the foundations we can lay for our relationships:

Kindness means wanting the good of others. It means “making ourselves one” with them, approaching them having completely set aside our own interests, ideas and the many preconceived notions that often cloud our vision. We do this so that we can take on the other person’s burdens, their needs, and their sufferings, and also share their joys.

It means entering into the hearts of the people we meet to understand their mentality, culture and traditions and make these, in a certain sense, our own. In this way we can truly understand what they need and can discern the values that God has placed in each person’s heart. In a word, kindness means living for the people we are with.

Mercy means welcoming others as they are, not as we would like them to be, with a different personality, with political views that match our own, with religious beliefs like ours, and without those faults and habits that irritate us. No, we need to expand our heart and make it able to welcome all people with all their differences, limitations, and problems.

Forgiveness means always seeing other people with new eyes. Even in the most beautiful and peaceful environments, in the family, at school and at work, there are inevitably times of friction, disagreements and arguments. Sometimes people do not speak to each other or avoid each other, not to mention when feelings of hatred towards those who think differently take root in a person’s heart. Instead, we need to make a determined effort to try to see each brother and sister as if it were for the first time, as a completely new person, without remembering how he or she has offended us, but covering everything over with love, with a complete amnesty in our hearts, imitating God who forgives and forgets.

True peace and unity can be reached when kindness, mercy and forgiveness are lived not only individually, but together, in reciprocity.

Just as coals in a fireplace have to be poked every now and then to prevent them from being covered by the ashes, so too it is necessary, from time to time, to take steps to revive mutual love, and give fresh life to our relationships with everyone, so that they will not be smothered by the ashes of indifference, apathy and selfishness.

These attitudes need to be translated into life, into concrete actions.

Jesus showed us what love is when he healed the sick and fed the crowds, when he brought the dead back to life, and when he washed the feet of his disciples. Deeds, concrete deeds: this is what it means to love.

Chiara Lubich

(Chiara Lubich, in Parole di Vita, [Words of Life] Cittá Nuova, 2017, p. 787)


  • E e pieno di certe ricchezze ma quando non hai la pace nello spirito la fede l.amore ed il senso di solidarietà,equivale a non avere nulla. Mio.padre ha sempre detto che nella vita i soldi ci sonoutili ma quello che rende felice la persona è ciò che le appaga l ‘anima.nella vita bisognerebbe sapersi calare nelle situazioni degli altri magari dando.loro il proprio supporto la propria vicinanza aiutare le persone a discernere il.bene dal.male.non e semplice .forse ciò può capitare solo quando si è particolarmente sensibili oppure se si viene d un percorso di grande sofferenza. Io in qualche circostanza particolare della vita mi e capitato di non ssere stata capita specie in momenti i bui della mia vita in particolare con delle persone a mevicine. onestamente, Preferisco perderle anche se fossero delle pupille del.padreterno .la vita e un percorso e quando guidi dovresti avere dei buoni viaggiatori con.te con i quali condividere il viaggio e sentirti a tuo capisci che questi viaggitorisono troppo diversi da te meglio.lasciar perdere .non e una diversità che arricchisce ma ferisce .quindi ti fa stare peggio e ti accuisce il.dolire che hai. I bacchettoni devono stare per conto loro e cuocersi nel.loro profumatissimo brodo. Perme se lo.possono bere tutto.! La solidarietà deve vincere il.piu possibile. Daniela Gremolini

  • É sempre bom receber meditação de Chiara Lubich. Agora que não temos mais os encontros presenciais, nesses períodos de pandemia, chega num momento que tem nos ajudado na caminhada Ideal e nunca desistir. Reconhecer cada situação com os olhos da fé , alimentando cada dia com o momento da oração e meditação.

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