Love urges us to avoid being closed in ourselves but to do good for others.  It leads us to take the initiative and overcome indifference. By showing commitment and getting our hands dirty, so to speak, we are reminded  how much God has loved us  and how great is the dream he has placed in our hearts. 

Seventeen hundredweight of books
When we spoke to friends about the crisis in Argentina, we learned about the serious shortage of school books in Pease. Hence the idea emerged of making a collection and we circulated the idea among families we knew. The response was immediate and generous. There was no lack of  initiative: advertisements in newspapers, appeals on the radio, talks in parishes and to various parents’ associations. Many people from a number of different cities became personally involved. We collected seventeen hundredweight of books for all school levels and sent them to Argentina by sea. Then, within a month, there were other groups of people who collected another two hundredweight  of books and the money for their transport. Due to lack of experience, it was sometimes difficult to keep in mind all the practical details  (e.g. suitable boxes for transport, customs procedures, etc.) But a solution was found for everything. We were also able to tell many people that we were motivated by the ideal of contributing to building a more united world.
(S.A. – Spain)

Serving other people together
I am a nurse and work in a social service centre. A couple with a nine-month-old baby who were in considerable need approached me for support. They didn’t even have money for their bus fare, the wife had injured her hand and the baby needed to complete his vaccinations. I could have turned them away because of the very strict referral requirements  but inside I felt the urge to do something for these neighbours. I sanctioned access to emergency services  and made sure I met all the family’s needs so that they would not have to buy bus tickets for another appointment. At one point, another nurse spontaneously volunteered to take care of them in my place: she treated the lady’s hand, provided her with further dressings and medication and also vaccinated the child. She was happy that she was able to help them and so was I.
(Maina – Canada)

Edited by Maria Grazia Berretta

(taken from Il Vangelo del Giorno, Città Nuova,  VIII, no.2, July – August 2022)

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