Professor Giuseppe Argiolas has offered his resignation as Rector of the Sophia University Institute “for personal reasons”. The present Vice Rector, Professor Declan O’Byrne has been appointed as Acting Rector and will serve in this capacity until the natural end of the mandate, January 2024. The Vice Chancellor, Margaret Karram, President of the Focolare Movement, has written to the academic community of the Institute saying: “I ask you all to collaborate fully with Professor Declan O’Byrne, who has accepted the role assigned to him by the Congregation for Catholic Education, so that the Sophia University Institute can continue its service of teaching, research and cultural engagement with due professional diligence. I am grateful to Professor Argiolas for his commitment and for the work he has done to develop Sophia, especially during these difficult times of the pandemic, 2020-2022. I entrust to the responsibility of the whole academic body the good outcome of this new academic year”.  The teachers and staff at Sophia are united to the Vice Chancellor in thanking Professor Argiolas for his dedicated commitment at the service of the Institute.

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