Chiara Lubich: Where there is love and charity, there is God

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is celebrated from 18-21 January in the northern hemisphere. The Christians of the Middle East who prepared the resources for 2022 affirm: "The new path for the Churches is the path of visible unity which we pursue with sacrifice, courage and boldness, day after day, ‘So that God may be all in all. (1 Cor 15:28)’.” In an interview with Bavarian TV in 1988 in Montet (Switzerland), Chiara Lubich spoke specifically about how to make progress on the path to Christian unity. ... Read More

Living the Gospel: Precious gifts

Giving of ourselves, giving what we hold dear, is the greatest gesture that someone, going beyond themselves, can make. It repeats the experience of the Magi who came from the Far East to the manger, bringing precious gifts to honour the King of Kings. ... Read More

Synodality in Latin America

The Ecclesial Assembly was an unprecedented experience for the Church in Latin America. It was an amazing experience which involved the whole People of God in a process that culminated at the end of November. It is ongoing in the effort to implement the priority pastoral guidelines that emerged. ... Read More

Palmira’s secret

Palmira Frizzera, one of the first companions of Chiara Lubich, who died on 5th January 2022, will live on in the memory and in the lives of many: focolarini, young people and families, whom she accompanied in their formation at the Mariapolis Foco (Montet, Switzerland), the little town of the Focolare in which she lived for over 40 years. Drawing on her words, here are some moments that marked her path in life. ... Read More

Chiara Lubich: let the light of God shine through

Today too, the lived Christian life is a light that brings people to God. Believers, individually and as a community, have a task to perform, which Chiara Lubich explains in this text: to reveal, through their lives, the presence of God, which is manifested wherever two or three are united in his name, a presence promised to the Church until the end of time. ... Read More