Johanna Bos

To Chiara Lubich the honour of the city of Grottaferrata

(Italiano) Lo scorso 10 settembre il Comune di Grottaferrata (Roma-Italia) ha conferito a Chiara Lubich la cittadinanza onoraria postuma, riconoscimento che rinnova in modo visibile l’amicizia tra la fondatrice del Movimento dei Focolari e questo territorio, a lei così caro, dove sono sorte le prime strutture del Movimento. A ritirare la targa Magaret Karram, attuale Presidente. ... Read More

Existence became an adventure

On 17th September 1948, Chiara Lubich met Igino Giordani, whom she later called Foco, for the first time, in Rome, Italy. She was a Franciscan tertiary and was accompanied by some religious from the various Franciscan families. Giordani was 54 years old and already successful in the political and cultural fields when he met 28-year-old Chiara Lubich and recognised her charism. Giordani immediately joined the Focolare and, because of his contribution to the development of the Movement, Chiara Lubich considered him a co-founder. Here is the story of that meeting from Giordani's diary. ... Read More

Ivory Coast, finding new ways to support others

People living in  the Focolare Movement’s little town of Victoria in Man, Ivory Coast, have shown great tenacity during the pandemic. Covid 19 did not stop the activities of the Health Centre or the Nutritional Centre.  The Movement’s  extraordinary Communion of Goods has helped  to support many people in need. ... Read More

Living the Gospel: giving first

This is a call to us, too – to have an open mind and heart in order to recognize and care for the needs of others; to use our talents, our time, for the common good at home and beyond. It is an invitation to put ourselves last in order to be first, to encourage everyone toward the inevitable future: universal brotherhood. ... Read More

Chiara Lubich: there is only one way

Not only freedom and equality. Twenty years after the collapse of the Twin Towers, Chiara Lubich's comments on the attack that changed the fate of the world are more relevant than ever, reminding us of the only possible way to peace. ... Read More