Johanna Bos

India, solidarity in times of trial

From the sharing of material goods to offering spiritual and emotional support, all efforts seem a drop in the ocean of the Covid-19 tragedy in India. Yet local communities continue to go ahead with faith in God and mutual trust.  ... Read More

Not lukewarm, but ardent

Our love needs to be continuously revived by acts of love which are always more perfect, always more sincere.  Chiara Lubich compares love for neighbour to a fire that is fuelled by love, to show our commitment to God and to our neighbour. ... Read More

Europe Day, for a culture of reciprocity

For the past twenty-two years "Together for Europe" has been bringing together more than 300 Christian Communities and Movements of different Churches - including the Focolare Movement - spread throughout the continent. There will also be many initiatives this year from 7 to 9 May. ... Read More

For a politics of quality

On 2 May, as part of United World Week 2021, a streaming event was held to mark the 25th anniversary of the Political Movement for Unity (PMU). A close link between generations to imprint the coefficient of universal fraternity on political relations and institutions. An "Appeal for quality politics" launched. At the Angelus, Pope Francis greeted the anniversary. ... Read More